Face to Face
Twarza w twarz
artist: Mosinski Marek
year of print: 1977
price: EUR 52
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All These Wome
O tych paniach
artist: Karczewska Joanna
year of print: 1967
price: EUR 73
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Autumn Sonata
Jesienna Sonata
artist: Pagowski Andrzej
year of print: 1979
price: EUR 64
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The Adventures of Picasso
Przygody Picassa
artist: Klimowski Andrzej
year of print: 1979
price: EUR 64
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Wild Strawberries
Tam gdzie rosna poziomki
artist: Skorwider Eugeniusz
year of print: 1988
price: EUR 44
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Man Tanker Sitt
artist: Czerniawski Robert
year of print: 2010
price: EUR 37
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Fanny och Alexander
Fanny i Aleksander
artist: Walkuski Wieslaw
year of print: 1985
price: EUR 57
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The Emigrants
artist: Flisak Jerzy
year of print: 1974
price: EUR 80
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