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Original Polish Posters

We sell original, vintage and contemporary posters designed by artists from the well-known Polish Poster School. Posters full of artistic expression, symbols and metaphors, which we have acquired with passion over the years. You can view or buy posters from our collection on-line or in person at the Polish Poster Gallery in Warsaw.

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Gallery Picks

Selections from the Collection

film posters

Film Posters

Polish posters designers created a new style rich of artistic expression, metaphors and unusual forms.
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Popular #Tags

abstract . children . erotica . animals . woman . criminal . books. poland . secession . warsaw
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polish poster school

Polish Poster School

In the 1950/60s posters created by outstanding Polish artists became a form of art.
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music posters, polish poster gallery

Music Posters

'Well, one thing is certain; the poster must sing! To me the question whether the eye or the ear is more important can only be answered in one way - the ear. The EAR is the most important.' Jan Lenica
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theater posters, polish poster gallery

Theater Posters

Polish . English . French . Russian . German . Scandinavian . Events . Shakespeare . Dostoevsky . Chekhov . Moliere . Gombrowicz . Witkacy . Mrożek
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Poster Gifts

Known around the world, present in many museums and art collections, the Polish poster is a perfect gift.
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Maja Wolna Posters Portraits

Maja Wolna
Poster Portraits

Exclusive, limited series of painting portraits by Maja Wolna.
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Year of Printing

We offer original posters; many are rare collectibles. View posters by decades: 2020- 2010- 2000- 1990- 1980- 1970- 1960- 1950-
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Posters come in different price ranges; the high price reflects the collector's value of the unique item.
PLN -100 (€ -25)
PLN 100-250 (€ 25-60) 
PLN 250-500 (€ 60-125)
PLN 500+ (€ 125+)

Recent Poster Acquisitions

Recent Poster Acquisitions


If you happen to be in Warsaw, we welcome you to stop by the Polish Poster Gallery which is located at the BUW; the University of Warsaw Library.

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